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Our first priority is whatever your first priority is! This means we will find out as much as we can about your business / charity / act / music / career etc; so we can truly understand what is the driving force behind your enterprise and most importantly YOU! When we look at assisting you with your brand, we will ideally create a bespoke plan detailing a range of options tailored to you. These will be different for each client we care for; just as each business, charity, individual & performer is different from the next. We truly believe in the personal touch. However – we’ve put together some packages designed to make the choice simpler also.

Silver Package


Ensuring one social media platform of your choice is updated daily. Ideal for a small business / individual /charity with limited budget. This will positively impact on your appearance in search engine results (SEO) and can be used to showcase your work, increase your online presence, sell your goods or attract new business / followers.

Account Set-up
If required

Daily Updates

Content creation

Audience Building

Monthly Report

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Gold Package


The Gold Package is ideal for small to medium businesses, growing charities & individuals who want to really hit the social media circuit. Great for search engine optimisation purposes. Discount given if 2 or more social media accounts are managed.

Account Set up
If required

Daily Updates

Bespoke Content Creation

Spam / comment monitoring

Monthly Report

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Base monthly retainer cost - (covers 1 hour of advice / support) - Thereafter advice via email / telephone, for those who prefer to do their own social media marketing - Cost £18 per hour. (Invoiced in easy to manage ½ hr increments).

Social media account name advice

Discount on all services

Advice on tagging / back-linking

Advice on curation techniques

Email / Telephone Advice

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Have a question?

Some of the usual questions are listed below, but if you have something you’d like to ask, please hit the button here! 

Why would a small business need social media accounts?

  • Find new customers
  • Spread the word about your products and services
  • Build brand recognition & trust
  • Advertise your business, products or services
  • Create a community and loyal following
  • It’s good for your SEO

What social media platforms should I be using?

There are no hard & fast rules on which platforms to use, however there are some which will suit your needs better than others.

Some audiences may spend a lot of time on Facebook, while another only engages on LinkedIn and some prefer the image content of Pinterest. Find out where your customers are and showcase your business/brand there.

How do I take control of my business / brand online?

Taking “control” of your brand isn’t really possible anymore, thanks to social media. Whether you’re in the conversation or not, people will talk about you online and there’s no way for you to “control” what they say. But what you can do is join in those conversations and influence them by being a part of them. However it is a sensitive area and best dealt with by a professional.


We also work with a small number of individuals to help them achieve the best from their brand (business or personal)

Working with you on a one-to-one basis, we may

  • Create the right Media “buzz” with businesses & consumers to help shape the right communications strategies and messages for your target market.
  • Provide product placement opportunities – specific to your brand
  • Provide digital marketing on many platforms – Including full quantifiable analytics.
  • Prepare press releases and / or marketing material
  • Ensure all online /  marketing opportunities are maximised
  • Arrange clothing / product endorsements for individuals
  • Arrange business / product launches (Celebrity attendees if required)
  • Ensure you have the celebrity & event contacts you need to establish yourself / your brand
  • Organise press launches/ In-store events / Public-appearances / Product testing & endorsement
  • Some individual clients are referred to our London PR partner if appropriate.


Bonnie Lee

Bonnie Lee

Presenting Bonnie Lee, a versatile, friendly yet professional promo girl / model with bags of energy & who is lots of fun to work with. Bonnie Lee has undertaken clothes & product based modelling as well as child oriented promotional work (Dressing as Disney characters) Based in Surrey / London – able to travel.  Testimonials available..

Jason Burrill

Jason Burrill

An actor and body double who has appeared in numerous films including James Bond: Spectre and Guardians of The Galaxy. In 2016 Jason appeared on one the UK’s biggest reality shows where his popularity amongst viewers saw him crowned as the winner of Big Brother 2016. Since leaving the famous residence Jason has filmed a movie alongside Eric Roberts (Brother of Julia Roberts), Played Batman in Panto, Joined the Celeb FC Football team and is off to LA in Jan 2018 to start filming “The Serpent”.


Marlon Wallen

Marlon Wallen

Presenting – Marlon, ex Big Brother contestant (2014 / BB15) who entered the house as a cocky, overly self-confident 22 year old. He has been in the media a few times since leaving, such as Fan TV & local radio, along with national magazines, mainly promoting his time he spends using his “celebrity” status to raise money for small charities.

Celeb FC

Presenting – Celeb FC the UK’s foremost Celebrity Charity Football team. They play football for & make appearances for small UK charities & individuals who cannot afford usual Celebrity public appearance fees. All players are volunteers as are staff.

To contact Celeb FC


The St Helier music and Community Festival is an event taking place on June 30th on the green space next to the David Weir Centre on the borders of Carshalton and Sutton in Surrey. This year is different as its a whole new team creating the event & Rocoja are organising all the PR, Branding, Adverting, Social media etc for them – including a Website.