I Karin, owner of Rocoja, am considered something of an enigma, a woman over 50 who embraces all things Social Media, Internet & web….


I’ve embraced it so much so, I love to build websites, social media profiles and indeed online businesses (which I’ve done very successfully for a number of small businesses).

So when I find someone around my age who doesn’t “get-it”, I am a little sad, as I truly love the world of social media & the wonderful opportunities it provides and opportunities it opens us up to..

So here’s my top reasons for the “older generations” to embrace it all…

  1.       Keeping in Touch –

The abundance of social media platforms available now, are a fantastic way to keep in touch with kids, grand-kids and even ex-work / work colleagues. However the fabulous thing you can also now do is find college & school friends. We all know as we get older, we look more favourably upon the past and now we can actually look at our past, via great platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook! Not only can you connect, you can view videos, read blog posts, share pictures and have conversations with people who we thought we’d never see again.

2.       Entertainment –

Remember that series you used to watch back in the day? Well now, thanks to online portals you can watch old television shows and movies, as well as find videos from your childhood, which you may have never thought you would see again. Now you can also read books, articles and blog posts, find song lyrics and find out what is happening in the world of entertainment at the touch of a button. You can also play games, either both old and new style (and to be honest the old style are back in vogue, so you may well be a lot better than you think!).

3.      Starting a business –

Being online has allowed people of all ages to start a new business. You can sell services or goods via some social media portals, or indeed pop a small cheap website up & use that to showcase your goods.or you could set up a freelance service such as writing or consulting. In today’s market, where people over the age of 45 are finding it increasingly difficult to re-enter the job market after illness or redundancy etc, social media and online productivity and networking tools have given people a whole new marketplace, where the age of the entrepreneur really doesn’t matter!

Luckily, you can embrace social media & the online world at any age and with the endless opportunities to connect, learn, and be in the know, it’s well worth exploring.

And for those of you that need help in setting up their devices, learning social media, or finding the social networking sites that fit their interests or businesses, small companies like Rocoja are always willing to lend a hand – (Check out our blog on why the Bigger agencies are not always Better for you, if you are looking for some Social media help, by clicking HERE)

With so many benefits of social media, we all have a role in encouraging businesses to stay better connected….

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