For small business owners like yourself it can seem overwhelming doing it all.

It is absolutely worth setting aside time to focus on your social media strategy regularly. This will ensure you don’t make silly, unavoidable errors (not posting enough / posting the wrong thing).

Here are some quick “Best Practice” tips for you.

Always define your goals

Without goals, how do you know what to post and why?  Why are you even trying to market your business/ group on social media?

Make sure you know who your audience is

You must determine who your target audience is so you can best market to them directly (The old adage “Throw enough mud until it sticks” simply will not work on social media). You should know what’s your audiences core age, what do they do in their spare time and where do they live etc.

Define your brand (I am hopeful you have this already done – its rule 101 of running your own business).

Make sure anyone working with you has strict instructions on use of your logo, brand colours, fonts and tone on social media and then, stay consistent. Even at a senior level. A break from what your audience is used to can be disastrous.

We are hopeful these quick Best Practice tips will help you as you start on your way, or with a refresh of your strategy.. If you would like some support – just get in touch.