Encouraging younger drivers into the HGV world

The logistics sector is growing every day as the demand for finished products across the country and indeed the world, is on the increase. Therefor there is a steady need for drivers of HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) to deliver these products to different locations.

Logistics chains in the UK require the use of these drivers very heavily and there’s much more demand for their services now than ever before. The haulage industry is crying out for well-trained and diligent drivers who are young, energetic and passionate to ensure we can stay ahead of not only the countrywide need for drivers of this standard but to also ensure the UK remains the worldwide benchmark country for logistic management.

According to statistics, a greater number of HGV drivers are 40 years old and above while very few are currently under the age of 25 years. It comes as no surprise that the haulage sector is creating more awareness about its potentials to provide job opportunities for younger people in the labour market.

To assist with this recruitment drive, the age limit for an HGV licence has been reduced to 18 years in recent years, with the intention to encourage people in the younger age bracket, possibly fresh out of school/college to consider training for a career in the sector. Also, there are now vocational course available to help prepare young people who want to enter the logistics sector and there have been recent recommendations to extend the existing loan system for students to cover vocational training courses. There are also plans to possibly reduce insurance costs for younger HGV drivers.

Utilising the above, some larger reputable organisations are now promoting their own companywide schemes to entice young people to take up job offers in the haulage industry.

Therefore, as a young employee ready to work and looking at a career as a HGV driver, you could be given a loan to pay for the practical training and test fees as well as professional mentoring and practical guidance.


Is the haulage industry attractive for younger people?

There are lots of perks to enjoy as an HGV driver and we shall look at them here.

The pros of being an HGV driver include the following:


Flexibility: A wealth of driving work has flexible working hours so there’s room to create a balance between work, family and leisure. There are opportunities to work on day contracts or overnight shifts, along with long distance, involving overnight stays, visiting new communities and areas.

Job security: With this specific skill in the haulage sector (HGV) you could either opt to be in employment with a company or operate as a self-employed driver taking on independent contracts. You have a flexibility that many other career paths simply do not offer.

Wide experience:  As touched on previously, there are international runs as well, which helps to broaden your horizons and traveling experience. You’d get the opportunity to see new places and to make friends as you deliver your cargo. Gaining your HGV license and having the freedom to work on the open road is an excellent choice with many experiences and memories to cherish.

Multifarious: There is diversity in the contracts being handled which makes the job exciting. HGV is not always about delivery FMCG, Companies also need to move High value goods etc. Plus, you could find yourself assisting people to move home or transport their belongings from one location to another. The great thing is, different companies offer differing workloads, working hours and varied driving distances, so you should easily be able to secure something that suits you.

Self-employed/Contracting: You can choose to work for yourself as a self-employed or contracted out HGV driver. A true entrepreneur, where you would market your skills as a well-trained HGV driver to seal different contracts. This means you can dictate the pace at which you work and be your own boss!

To start your journey towards becoming a qualified HGV driver you need to:

  • have a full car licence
  • be over 18
  • get a professional driving qualification called the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)


Once qualified, there shouldn’t be any problem to secure work as there is a shortage of licensed HGV drivers in the UK.

So, conduct a little research in your local area and go for the appropriate training to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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