One of the easiest ways to build excitement for a live event or song / album launch is on social media.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram plus the new kids, such as Snapchat and WhatsApp groups, not only put artists in the face of their fans but they tell friends of fans, building a buzz that is needed to pack out venues and induce and increase sales.
Flash Sales
If a gig is ticketed, create a buzz by having a flash sale for 1 hour. There will be a mad panic for tickets not only because they are cheaper but because they are limited. Nothing creates a frenzy like lack of availability.
Time It Right
The social media post / tag being in the right place at the right time is gold dust for packing your venue. Post when people interested in your genre are likely to be passing time by browsing social media. Are people  commuting to work around 7-8am going to be interested or will they be better to catch at around 3pm when the afternoon shift starts to drag.
Get High Profile Shares
This takes a bit of background research to find out who the movers and shakers are amongst your followers. This is where a social media consultant really pays off. They can analyse the quality of the shares you are getting and identify which followers are likely to share amongst the target audiences.
What’s On?
By promoting your event with what’s on guides you may get the golden share as the guides will have huge followings of interested people. If you are managing your own social media accounts, build a relationship with the What’s On Guides to increase the likelihood of them sharing your event. If you employ a social media consultant to promote you, they are likely to already have that relationship saving you months of time.
Show and Share
A picture speaks a thousand words so imagine what a video clip can do for you. Share clips with followers and link to your You Tube account to build your following there. Jessie J started on You Tube. Look where that got her.
Social media is a must for artists wanting exposure. It can be time consuming detracting from creativity but work with a specialist performing arts social media consultant such as Rocoja to see your visibility increase and fill out your venues with the minimum effort from yourself.

The potential from Social media is endless, if you know how to maximize it…

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