Top Marketing Trends You Still Need to Watch in 2022

When you want to make sure your brand stays two steps ahead, you need to know how the world of marketing is evolving. To make sure you can get up to speed in record time, here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 marketing trends you still need to stay ahead of in 2022:


  • TikTok is still going from strength to strength, with influencers crossing over from other platforms
  • Instagram stories are now becoming central to any craft, lifestyle or people-centric brand’s marketing strategy
  • Reels have become a very real competitor to TikTok that has disrupted the marketing landscape
  • Influencer hubs will now become an increasingly popular way to source the input of micro influencers in your targeted niche
  • VR & AR will now begin to offer new way to engage and interact with your audience, particularly if you want to market new products
  • Livestreaming is becoming bigger and bigger because of the direct access it gives brands to their audiences in real time
  • Video content will always lead the way in terms of engagement, so don’t expect this to change anytime soon
  • Social selling still relies heavily on endorsements and testimonials from trusted and recognised faces – this will not change.
  • Creators will increasingly be offering discounted packages of pre-made content, as well as templates, to try and remain competitive
  • Last but not least, Facebook will continue to be where you find your friends and your news, but platforms like Instagram and TikTok will be where you can grow your following the fastest

Keep an eye out for upcoming trends, stay ahead of the curve and be brave – put yourself out there..

Trust us, your brand will thank you for it sooner rather than later.