I hear on many occasions that people have unexpectedly experienced the “Facebook Name Policy” first hand..

It may appear that it looks like someone has reported you for not using your “real name” on your profile. But that isnt quite it.

Facebook wanted to ensure security & 2 years ago started rolling out the checks on accounts, to ensure they were genuine & being used by an individual, at the same time telling users about Facebook Pages, which could be used for “persona’s” & businesses.

It seems to make sense, especially if you have a business where followers are not always your friends & vice versa, where your friends may not always need to know whats happening with your business…

BUT unless you understood what was happening, You may have been caught out…

Facebook are trying to be fair and moderate and regulate profiles on the platform that now boasts over 2 billion users and so the company contends that it does not allow fake names in an effort to prevent bullying, harassment, scams and criminal behaviour from anonymous / untraceable accounts.

Luckily, after a few teething problems, Facebook has addressed other issues, such as a number of reasons (not business related) that people don’t use their real name.

Almost 2 years ago, Facebook announced in a press release that it would be providing a compromise to its real name policy after protests from groups such as the gay/lesbian community and abuse victims. .and following coordinated protests by drag queens, who said they were being kicked off the platform in large numbers, Facebook adjusted its “real names” policy, saying people need to “use the names they are known by”.

They also announced  that they would expand the kinds of documents people can provide to verify names and would give flagged users an easier process to appeal.

BUT the good thing is in the year following the push to get people to use their real names / verify who they are, Over 10 Billion small business pages were added to the platform… And once the page is set-up & running as it should, overall the outcome is a positive one.

Facebook is not just a social media marketing channel, it’s a real mainstream marketing solution for the small business man/woman, especially entertainers…..

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