Here are 5 quick tips, garnered from the experience Rocoja has had within the social world over the last decade or so.

Working with this list, small business owners can build, interact and engage with their social media fans and followers a little bit easier.


  • Regularly post interesting status updates, remember to always tell your followers what is going on in your world.
  • Ask engaging interaction questions, make them random, interesting, funny and easy to respond to (avoid yes/no answerable ones though).


  • Interact with everyone who follows you, show interest in their services and businesses, its polite to do so.


  • Introduce yourself and your business to each new group you join, (make sure they are relevant though – no one likes spammy posts).
  • Post knowledgeable articles in relevant groups and link back to yourself and your business.


These 5 tips should help kick-start your social media adventure.

BUT if we can offer some advice it would be 

Have fun with social media marketing and if it’s not fun (takes up too much time, is difficult to get right) – pass the job to someone who has a passion for it… 


Remember not all Social Media Marketers are the same – find one who speaks your language, can adapt your social media tone to your brand and lastly, who wants to understand your brand and business…