When Facebook bought Whatsapp for $22 Billion in 2014, the founder clearly assured its users that their data would remain private.


However 2 years on & that doesn’t seem quite so clear any more.

Whatsapp has been rolling out a “new terms” screen to its users over the last few days, many of whom have probably just clicked accept & carried on with their day…

BUT The updated terms are not to be sniffed at!

Taking time to read them through, informs us that Whatsapp is to start sharing its user data with parent company Facebook; despite the aforementioned assurances of 2014. The company itself says that the information will be used for ads on Facebook & WhatsApp, as well as helping to improve the messaging platform.

But let’s be honest – do you want your most personal information – your whatsapp chats, available to “employees etc” of Facebook? Your personal privacy could (note “could”) be completely compromised. Are you happy to take that chance, just so an advert is more relevant to you?

Me either – So here’s what to do (You have to so this quickly as they have enacted a 30 day cool-off period, so if you don’t revoke their access within the cool-off, they have it forever!)

  • Head to the settings menu in Whatsapp
  • Pressing on the account tab
  • If within the time, you’ll find a “share my account info” button
  • Click to take out the tick


It isn’t easy to tell yet whether allowing or not allowing your info to be gathered makes your “whatsapp” behave any differently (I certainly don’t think it will) but I will keep an eye on it.

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